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Greywater Report looks at wastewater’s potential

By Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times

About 50% of the water used inside U.S. homes can be reused to irrigate landscapes and flush toilets, according to a greywater report released by the Oakland-based Pacific Institute  last week. The Read More

USGBC, LEED Targeted by Class-Action Suit

By Tristan Roberts, Environmental Building News

 The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its founders have been named as defendants in a class action lawsuit filed in federal court. Filed on behalf of mechanical systems designe...

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Report: Sins of Greenwashing

By Bret A. Stone

There is no question that green claims are on the rise.  One trip to your nearest big box retailer is enough to convince you that we have arrived at a green economy.  Or have we?  On the heals of the the Federal Trade Commissio...

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FTC forces companies to take a hard look at “green” claims

By Bret A. Stone

Companies that have been promoting the “green” characteristics of their products or business operations are spending a lot of time revisiting their messaging associated with the environmental attributes of their products, servi...

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Benicia may pay share of Arsenal cleanup bill

By Tony Burchyns, Times-Herald

The city and other property owners hope to avoid becoming collateral damage in a war to clean up the Arsenal.

The project is expected to cost several millions of dollars and take a decade to complete, and ...

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Federal Trade Commission Proposes Revised “Green Guides”

FTC Press Release

The Federal Trade Commission today proposed revisions to the guidance that it gives marketers to help them avoid making misleading environmental claims. The proposed changes are designed to update the Guides and make them easi...

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On 10/10/10, a global party against global warming

By Louis Lucero, Los Angeles Times

"Dear World," begins an open letter from environmentalist Bill McKibben that's posted on climate crisis website 350.org. In it, he proposes a response to what he calls "a tough year" marked by unprecedented ra...

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Pollution spikes despite years of cleanup

by Sue Dremann, Palo Alto Online

Despite nearly three decades of clean-up efforts at a central Palo Alto Superfund site, groundwater contamination from a leaky underground chemical tank has dramatically concentrated in some small areas, accordi...

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Gulf oil leak sets off ‘unbelievable array’ of legal issues

By Donna Leinwand, USA Today

Fishermen and property owners along the Gulf Coast have filed hundreds of lawsuits since April against oil company BP and its contractors amid a legal landscape that has changed dramatically since the Exxon Valdez t...

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As solar power developers search for sites, N.J. tries to cash in

By Abby Gruen, The Star-Ledger

New Jersey is looking for cash in some unlikely places these days, like its toxic waste dumps and overflowing landfills.

These unloved hallmarks of long-lost industries and careless planning may actually b...

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