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Flat Demand For Attorneys Stumps BigLaw, But Inspires Others

By Erin Coe, Law360

While flat demand for outside lawyers has behemoth law firms struggling to change their business models, upstart boutiques and non-law-firm service providers are tailoring legal advice and leveraging technology to reinvent h...

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Leaky sewer lines delivered TCE to homes

By Daniel DeBolt, Mountain View Voice

A report commissioned by the city is boosting suspicions that early semiconductor companies spread pollution throughout northeastern Mountain View by dumping toxics into leaky sewer lines.

A sewer l...

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Is Your Dinner ‘All Natural’?

By Ashby Jones, Wall Street Journal

From ice cream to salad dressing, and potato chips to pet food, health-conscious grocery shoppers can choose an "all natural" version of just about anything.

But one item ingredient-conscious cons...

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First Solar signs PPAs with four California cities for 40MW Kingbird plant

By Andy Colthorpe

US thin-film panel maker and PV project builder, First Solar, has signed power purchase agreements (PPAs) for electricity generated by a planned 40MW project in Kern County, California.

The agreements have been made bet...

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AB 440 Fills Redevelopment Void and Breathes New Life to Municipal Prosecution of Environmental Claims

By Bret A. Stone and John R. Till

The dissolution of California redevelopment agencies in 2012 had the unforeseen consequence of limiting local enforcement of environmental claims and redevelopment of blighted areas known as Brownfields.  U...

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Nitrate pollution continues for decades after fertilizer use

By Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times

Nitrates from agricultural fertilizer could continue to leach into groundwater for at least 80 years after initial use, according to researchers who conducted a long-term study of nitrogen uptake.

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Speed Bump for Channel Cargo Ships?

By Melinda Burns, Mission & State

Two types of titans travel to the Santa Barbara Channel by the thousands. One is the largest mammal on earth: the endangered krill-eating, water-spouting blue whale. The other is the behemoth, oil-burning, smok...

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San Diego Water Board Issues Updated Permit for Municipal Storm Sewer Systems

By Jon G. Lycett

You may have heard the buzz recently about new storm water rules and wondered what it was all about.  Here is some information to help you analyze the impact these new rules may have on your business.<...

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Pollution offset program proves difficult for Santa Rosa

By Kevin McCallum, The Press Democrat

A first-of-its-kind program in California requiring Santa Rosa to offset pollution from its wastewater treatment plant by cleaning up other problem properties in the watershed is struggling to ...

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