About Us

Paladin Law Group is a boutique multidisciplinary environmental and sustainability firm with offices in San Antonio, Santa Barbara, Walnut Creek, and Washington, DC with clients both domestic and abroad. The firm’s lawyers, who hail from prominent national law firms, have created a sustainable, local business model where clients can hire the talent of an internationally recognized firm yet receive the personal service and comfort of a small firm. At Paladin you won’t find fancy offices with marble flooring, but you will find experienced environmental lawyers who deeply care about their clients, the community, and the natural world.

Unique Billing Rates

Paladin Law Group offers creative fee structures for clients. In addition to traditional hourly billing, the firm’s clients have opted for alternative fee arrangements such as:

Contingent Fees – With a contingent fee, the client does not pay any attorneys’ fees unless Paladin is successful. In the litigation context for a plaintiff, Paladin would earn a percentage of the recovery. But contingency fee arrangements can also be developed for a defendant in a case or in a non-litigation matter by specifying the benchmark that Paladin would have to achieve to earn the success fee.

Hybrid Contingent Fees – A partial contingent fee arrangement combines a contingent fee with traditional hourly billing. The client receives a discount on the firm’s regular hourly rates and the firm, if successful, receives an agreed-upon success fee.

Blended Rates – Traditional law firm billing charges include escalating hourly rates from junior associates to partners. Clients may opt to negotiate a blended rate so that the same hourly rate is billed regardless of who is working on the project.

Fixed Fees – A fixed fee arrangement specifies a set, certain sum that the firm will charge for handling a project, phase of litigation, or case. Fixed fee arrangements are carefully crafted on a matter-by-matter basis and are intended to provide clients with certainty regarding the total attorneys’ fees for a matter.

What’s in a name?

pal-a-din: a heroic champion and a strong supporter or defender of a cause.

Illustrative of the firm’s “think outside the box” culture, the founders wanted to shift away from a traditional name. They wanted a name that meant something to them and to their clients. For many, the name Paladin harkens back to the 1960s TV western starring Richard Boone, Have Gun – Will Travel, where the starring character, a sophisticated hired gun named Paladin was willing to help others resolve their conflicts through negotiation or use of force. For others, the name Paladin is associated with knights in shining armor adhering to a code of chivalry while vigorously defending their cause.  Likewise, for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, the paladin is a holy knight, crusading in the name of goodness, law and order.  At Paladin Law Group, we strive to defend your cause with the highest level of personal integrity and professional legal services.