Environmental Litigation

Cost Recovery and Contribution for Contaminated Sites

Paladin Law Group’s expertise cuts across a wide range of environmental laws and regulations including CERCLA, RCRA, the Clean Water Act, the Gatto Act, as well as similar federal, state and local laws. Representing clients in the public and private sectors, the firm litigates government enforcement actions as well as private party contribution, cost recovery, and indemnity actions. We have successfully negotiated a myriad of settlements with regulatory agencies and other parties to bring closure to contaminated sites or to provide funding for the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites.

CEQA and Land Use Litigation

Paladin Law Group’s CEQA and land use attorneys have litigated cases on both sides of proposed developments and on matters involving the full spectrum of CEQA approvals, including program and project EIRs, negative declarations, supplemental and subsequent EIRs, and statutory and categorical exemptions.

Greenwashing Claims

As an advisor on green claims, Paladin Law Group is well-versed Federal Trade Commission guidelines and has assisted clients in prosecuting “greenwashing” claims against our clients’ competitors. Likewise, the sudden prevalence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment funds has also resulted in claims that companies have been insincere or misleading in touting their ESG accomplishments.

Environmental Criminal Defense

Our team of attorneys, consisting of both criminal defense and environmental counsel, have successfully counseled and defended clients subject to criminal probes by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Criminal Investigations Division, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District Attorneys, as well as state criminal investigations and federal-state cooperative investigations.