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Open letter to Larry Florman o...

Open letter to Larry Florman of Larry Florman & Company Insurance

By Bret A. Stone

Larry Florman
Larry Florman & Company Insurance
North Hollywood, CA 91067

     Re: Insurance Archaeology – Dry Cleaner Site

Dear Larry Florman and Larry Florman & Company Insurance:

On behalf of my client, I want to thank you for your assistance in our insurance archaeology efforts relating to their historical insurance.  With your help, Paladin Law Group was able to recover millions of dollars from American Home Assurance Company, Zurich Insurance Company, and Insurance Company of the West to respond to pollution caused by perc and other dry cleaning chemicals that escaped into the soil and groundwater.  It is far too common that small businesses like dry cleaners face immense liability for environmental contamination.  Many times, the historical insurance assets, which do not contain exclusions for pollution, are the key to resolving liability and cleaning up the environment.  More importantly, the work we did on this case will be invaluable to the thousands of other dry cleaners Larry Florman & Company sold insurance to since the 1950s.  Thus, on behalf of those future clients who will benefit from these efforts as well, we also thank you.

       Very truly yours,

       Bret A. Stone

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