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Texas Supreme Court interprets a binding mandatory arbitration clause against successor assignees related to the purchase and sale of property and equipment.

By Kirk M. Tracy In the recent Texas Supreme Court (“Supreme Court”) decision in Wagner v. Apache Corp., the Supreme Court affirmed the court of appeals’ judgment regarding an indemnity clause and an arbitration clause in a land purchase ...

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California City Succeeds in Establishing Joint and Several Liability Under CERCLA – Court Rejects Defendants’ Divisibility Defense

By Bret Stone The City of West Sacramento filed a lawsuit under RCRA, CERCLA, the Gatto Act, and several other state law causes of action to address toxic levels of soil and groundwater contamination resulting from the release of hazardous substan...

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California Supreme Court Ruling Will Allow Policyholders Easier Access to Excess Insurance

By Brian Paget Earlier this week, the California Supreme Court finally settled an important insurance law issue that had engendered conflicting decisions among the state’s lower courts.  On Monday, April 6, 2020, in Montrose Chemical Corp. v. ...

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How to Survive the PFAS Apocalypse

By Bret Stone and John Till The metal finishing industry is under intense regulatory scrutiny over a new chemical of concern that has been making headlines all over the country.  It’s actually not just one chemical, it’s a family of chemicals call...

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Beware of New Environmental Screening Levels

By Kirk Tracy In January (2019), the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Board (“Water Board”) published new Environmental Screening Levels (“ESLs”) for over 100 chemicals found at sites with contaminated soil and groundwater, an update from ...

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The Container Score

By Laura Malk Dwell May-June 2018 The home that architects Clay Aurell and Josh Blumer, of AB Design Studio, devised for Bret and Dani Stone on a sloping sit...

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An Expanded Interpretation of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

By Kirk Tracy The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, in Upstate Forever v. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P., recently held that “an alleged discharge of pollutants, reaching navigable waters located 1000 feet or less from the point ...

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San Diego Storm Water Update

By Jon Lycett In July 2013, I wrote about the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board’s order updating the NPDES general permit for municipal separate storm sewer systems (“MS4s”).  See Read More

Aftermath of the Montecito Mudslides – Determining Insurance Coverage and Navigating Policy Exclusions

By Cory Baker

Post-Wildfire “Perils” and Property Damage Wildfires dramatically change the landscape and ground conditions, which can lead to the increased risk of flooding even with light rains. Natural, unburned veget...

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Enforcement Program Focuses on California’s Metal Recyclers

By Sanford (Sandy) Nax

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) announced today that an investigation referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has resulted in the filing of 19 criminal charges against a Sun Valley scrap metal...

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